The Great Divide

To San Pedro

To get to San Pedro la Laguna from Panajachel, take a lancha speedboat from the main dock. The speedboats leave as soon as they're full from 6am to 5pm, and cost about 25 Quetzales, or $3 US. Don't be surprised if youre asked to pay more than the Mayan woman behind you. Depending on stops at other Lake Atitlan villages, the boat ride to San Pedro should take twenty minutes to half an hour.

Its possible to get to San Pedro la Laguna by local bus from Guatemala City, Antigua, and Solola. You can also get a private shuttle from Antigua directly to San Pedro for 60-80Q.

To Yo Mama´s Casa (little over 5 min. walk from the Pana Dock)

Everything in San Pedro la Laguna is within walking distance. Once you arrive at the main dock in San Pedro la Laguna, you can go right, left, or uphill. (Tuk Tuks are 5Q a person if you're not feeling adventurous)

Turn left from the Panajachel Dock which takes you on a brick road past modest hotels and restaurants, eventually ending at the Santiago Dock. After you turn left on the main street you will walk about 5 minutes past little tourist shops and restaurants. Take a right on the small foot trail (you will see a wall of signs for all the businesses on this side of town, Yo Mamas included!!!) Follow the paved trail and it will empty back out onto a road. You´re almost there!!!! Keep going straight past Zoola at the intersection look right and you will see our huge sign. We're right there on the left. See you soon!!

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