The Great Divide

San Pedro la Laguna might be modest in size, but due to its otherworldly setting and substantial community of international backpackers, there's no lack of things to do.


Choose from visiting surrounding towns, Xela, or Chi Chi Markets.

Explore Lake Atitlan:

Rent a kayak or canoe and paddle into the blue expanse, or join the San Pedro la Laguna locals and jump off the rocks for a swim.

Hike the Indian Nose with Matt the Geologist

Take a sunrise hike up the sacred Indian´s Nose with Matt, and learn about plate tectonics, how volcanoes work, learn about volcanoes specific to the region and the massive explosion that formed Lake Atitlan. Oh yea...and see an amazing view as well.

Hike the San Pedro volcano:

Take the four hour journey up the 3020-meter Volcán San Pedro.

Also: Canopy tours, thermal pools, horseback riding, spanish schools, volunteer opportunities.........

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